Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Journal-World forum bans conservatives

In August, the moderators of the Lawrence Journal-World forum began banning conservative posters, ostensibly due to "habitual name-calling and harassing." According to Dan Cox, director of new media, yours truly had "historically been a great example of someone who gets into intense ideological arguments but maintains an honorable level of civility." Nevertheless, I was banned after "name calling with another poster that we had banned earlier for the same thing and then brought back after he had agreed to abide more by the site's use-policy."

The poster who was banned earlier claims that he spent time in prison after killing someone. The same poster habitually calls conservtives evil fascists and calls into question their character. My sin was merely asking him why, considering a background that he himself shared with other posters, he feels comfortable passing judgment on others. Other conservatives were banned for similar "sins."

Meanwhile, one liberal poster who strongly implied that Attorney General Phill Kline molests his own daughter has been allowed to continue posting on the Journal-World forum. Another liberal poster actually broached the topic of my dead brother in an attempt to "harass" me. She has yet to be banned.

Cox was asked to explain the blatant double standard, but did not respond.

If the Journal-World cannot run its forum in a fair and balanced manner, then it is time for Cox to shut it down.

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