Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Never Heard of Code Pink?

Been writing a book the last few months, so I haven't had time to post.

There were many items that could have been posted here since September, but I didn't make note of them. However, one did stay in my memory.

Last September, Journal-World Editorial Page Editor Ann Gardner visited Washington, D.C., and had the opportunity to visit Capitol Hill when Gen. Petraeus testified. In a column she wrote after the visit, Gardner noted, "At the head of the line were women from 'Code Pink,' an anti-war group that was new to me but not to the Washington press corps."

Actually, anyone who has followed the news closely during the past few years would know about Code Pink. In fact, anyone who has read the Journal-World op-ed pages should know about Code Pink. Just a few months prior to Gardner's visit to Washington, Cal Thomas wrote about the group in his column.

Shouldn't an editorial page editor read her own newspaper's op-ed pages?

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