Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Kansas newspapers mischaracterize same-sex vote

The Kansas City Star, the Lawrence Journal-World, The Wichita Eagle, and the Topeka Capital-Journal today all inaccurately referred to the constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage as a "gay-marriage ban."

As noted last week, Wikipedia says, "Same-sex marriage is sometimes referred to as gay marriage, but the legal implications extend beyond the lesbian and gay population. In a few U.S. states, bans on same-sex marriage have voided marriages of otherwise-heterosexual couples because genetically they were of the same gender either as the result of intersex status or a previous sex reassignment surgery of one of the spouses."

It should also be noted that a heterosexual man would also be prohibited from marrying another heterosexual man.

One of the reporters who used the term "gay marriage" in his article today admitted to me last week that "same-sex marriage" was the more accurate term. Use of the less accurate term suggests the newspapers have a political agenda.