Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fostering a healthy community online

As noted previously, Dan Cox, Director of New Media at the World Company, e-mailed a banned conservative poster to explain that he and other conservatives were apparently banned "in regards to matters of civil community dialogue and our ability to foster a healthy community online."

This blogger contends that the conservatives were actually banned because they expressed conservative opinions. Threads concerning Attorney General Phill Kline provide more evidence that this blooger is correct. Here are just a few comments from the past two days:

"Geez, if morally bankrupt Bob Stephan is bolting the campaign, thinks must be smelling rotten. I love it when the morally 'superior' Grand Old Party finds themselves in the thick of an odious stench."

"If Kline wants to follow the whims of a small number of uber-religous zealots, then he should start working for Mr. Phelps or even a less hateful church."

"You know Crime and Kline rhyme. They go hand in hand."

"Sorry, Loudmouth, weasels in the wild are intelligent, unlike Phil Kline who is like a blood sucker with no brains, who takes away OUR FREEDOMS with no reasonable cause established! END OF LINE, KLINE!"

"Kline is an idiot and there is no connection although we do have proof of the right diggin it. Fortunatel enough right conservatives now see Kline as what he is a jerk with no values whatsoever but a personal agenda with the backing of fundamentalist clowns in little churches who want to be bigger and to say they got an AG in their pocket would help."

"Wow! Ol Phil must really be desparate if he saying things like that. What a scumbag plain and simple!"

The above is just a small sampling. Obviously, Dan Cox considers this "civil community dialogue" since all the comments were allowed to stand. Cox did find one post from a liberal to be uncivil. The poster strongly implied that Kline was sexually molesting his own daughter. The post was removed. However, the poster was not banned and continues to post.

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