Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Garrison Keillor lies again

Yesterday I reported on Garrison Keillor's phanotm videotape of Rudy Giuliani fleeing the WTC site on 9/11.

Well, Keillor is at it again in a column in today's Lawrence Journal-World:

"But the camera can be fearfully truthful. Look at the picture of the Current Occupant, reading a speech to the troops at Camp Pendleton, wearing a zip-up jacket with little epaulets on the shoulders, a presidential seal sewn on the right breast, and on the left breast the words, 'George W. Bush, Commander in Chief.' Is this for his benefit or that of the troops? No president ever needed to wear a nametag before. He is the first. Insecurity is written all over him. Look at Dick Cheney. No need for a nametag there."

George W. Bush is not the first president to wear a military-type jacket with a nametag. In fact, Dean's World provides photographic evidence showing all four of Bush's immediate predecessors wearing such jackets.

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